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At Freedom Institute our programs are designed to support recovery in every aspect of your life and every phase of sobriety. From Intervention through Aftercare, we will help you reclaim your life.

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Learn how damaging chemical dependency can be on your body, relationships, finances, and future.

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Freedom Institute, a substance abuse treatment center in New York City, provides innovative comprehensive recovery programs for individuals and families suffering from the effects of chemical addiction. Our outpatient programs cover all phases of the recovery process. More

Freedom blog

Articles and posts from our staff blog.


Relapse, Recovery, and Kobe Bryant

What if we thought about recovery like a basketball career?


Freedom Institute Introduces FITT

FITT will support clients who need extra care in critical times and transitional stages during their recovery process


Addiction Casebook: What is the Heroin?

"Doctor, please to tell me, why does he like the heroin so much? What is the heroin?"


Birthday Trout: Part Two

Wherein a simple story about a fish becomes a tale about addiction.


Is Sugar Addiction Real?

Over the last few decades, research has investigated the connection between the brain’s reward system and food consumption and it shows that the brain responds to sugar similarly as it would to addictive drugs.


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