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Freedom blog

Articles and posts from our staff blog.


Unnecessary Polarization

The questions of 12 Step Programs and abstinence versus moderation seem to cause a lot of agitation for people on both “sides.” Why are there sides at all?


Problem Gambling

Oftentimes, gambling is referred to as the “hidden illness” because of the shame, legal, and financial repercussions it brings, causing the addict to suffer in silence.


The Importance of Downtime in Your Summertime

Research indicates that allowing our kids, and indeed the entire family, to struggle through the transition to truly unstructured time can be critical to building life skills.


Tips to Jumpstart Your Summer Workout

Incorporating nutrition and exercise is proven to help those in early recovery achieve long-term sobriety. Ryan shares easy, fast and fun tips on how to introduce exercise into your daily routine.

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