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A Letter from the Chairman of the Board

Dear Friends of Freedom Institute,
It has been nearly a year since I assumed the role of Chairman of the Board of Freedom Institute.  It’s been a wonderful period of growth and I am excited to update you on some changes as we move Freedom Institute forward in 2013 and beyond.
My mother, Mona Mansell, was a pioneer in recognizing that addiction touches the entire family. Her vision led to the founding of Freedom Institute and the development of our Family Program, which provides therapy and support not only to clients afflicted with addiction, but to the family members who love and suffer with them. She also understood the tremendous potential for healing that a family can offer.  
Donna Wick, our Executive Director since September of 2011, has been instrumental in building and expanding our family, adolescent and educational programs.  Having pointed Freedom Institute along the proper strategic path, she has decided to change her role to focus once again on her clinical practice.  As Donna says “I've loved my time at Freedom, but I've missed my clinical practice and I've determined that this is where my true professional passion remains.”
Effective June 1, Donna will step down as Executive Director and move into a consulting relationship with Freedom Institute, working with us to outline new and innovative initiatives in our family, adolescent and educational programs and developing these critically important areas of growth for Freedom Institute.
We've decided not to replace Donna as Executive Director at this time.  In my role as Chairman, I will be spending more time at Freedom Institute. Working closely with Rachel Russell, our extremely knowledgeable and experienced COO, I will manage the day-to-day operations of Freedom Institute and steer the course for the future of the organization.
Our current Clinical Director, Michael Noth, recently cut back his role here to devote more time to building a private practice.  Michael’s wish is to expand further in this direction. As a result we will be hiring a new Clinical Director whose full time focus will be to oversee our clinical operations.  Until that hire is made, Michael will continue in his current capacity and thereafter will remain as a Senior Counselor with Freedom Institute providing clinical supervision and treatment.  
Although Donna and Michael will be leaving their current positions, we will maintain close working relationships with them both and benefit from their continued involvement and expertise in coordination with a new and seasoned Clinical Director.
This is a lot of change at once, but I am excited for the future. While remaining true to our core mission, we are evolving in order to maintain relevance and continue accomplishing great work.  My mother’s vision for Freedom Institute is nearly forty years old, yet it is as compelling and vital today as it was when she began. Young people are suffering from substance abuse, addiction and unhappiness at unprecedented levels. At Freedom Institute, we believe these children and their families are an urgent priority as we look to the future.

On behalf of all of us at Freedom Institute, I thank you for your continued support.

Robert L. Miller
Chairman, Freedom Institute Board of Trustees


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