7. Free Treatment Consultations

Are you worried about a teenager’s potential marijuana addiction, a college student’s or friend’s depression and binge drinking, a spouse’s gambling habit? Freedom Institute, the non-profit substance abuse outpatient treatment center in New York City, is and we are here to help.

In our ongoing efforts to assist the community of New York and the surrounding areas with mental health and substance abuse or addiction treatment needs, Freedom Institute offers free phone consultation to clinicians seeking advice for clients and individuals seeking treatment for themselves or a loved one to help them find the residential or outpatient resources that best suit their clinical and financial needs.

Freedom Institute believes that treatment placement is a serious issue and should be unbiased and clinically based. With a growing and confusing pool of internet funnel sites as well as “placement specialists” who lack the clinical training (with a few exceptions) to assist a vulnerable population in making informed decisions about where to send a spouse, a partner, a daughter, or a client for treatment, we will help anyone who needs it.

While we cannot guarantee the results, Freedom Institute has an exceptional track record and professional relationships with the top treatment providers throughout the country as well as several internationally. Our staff of licensed therapists has the training, the experience, and the know-how to help anyone in need, and have done so for the past 40-plus years.

Should you or anyone you know or work with need assistance with treatment placement, please call us at 212-838-0044 for a free telephone consultation. Your call will be returned within one business day.