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Should you share your history of substance abuse?

By Jumana Grassi October 6, 2015

  Last month, we posted a blog called, “Recovering…and Proud!” which was an attempt to combat the negative stigma regarding people in recovery.  All over the world people were outing themselves as ex-problem drinkers, addicts, or sober and feeling a sense of pride and freedom…But is this really a smart idea? Opening up to your […]

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Over-the-counter overdose reversal drug…What do you think?

By Jumana Grassi September 24, 2015

  With opiate addiction-and subsequent deaths-ravaging the United States, it seems clear that we have surpassed the prevention stage of heroin use.  While some disagree with the controversial stance, CVS has decided to take a harm-reduction approach to this killer epidemic by beginning to sell Naloxone, or Narcan, without a prescription.  Is an easily attainable overdose drug benefiting […]

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Bullying and What You Can Do About It

By Carolyn Licht PhD September 17, 2015

by Carolyn Licht, PhD Some people think that bullying is part of growing up — a bit of harmless fun that can help children learn to stick up for themselves, or something that children just have to put up with or sort out on their own.  It is not. Being safe in relationships is a fundamental […]

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The Sober College Experience

By Jumana Grassi September 3, 2015

  A remarkable number of sober communities are popping up on campuses across the country, making a drug and alcohol-free college experience a viable option for students. And many are opting for it! Read More  

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