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Thoughts on Meditation

By Staff May 21, 2015

Neuroscience researchers say the human brain is designed for the survival of the species, not for the happiness of the individual. Largely outside of our awareness, the mind has processes and systems that, when left out of balance, can lead to suffering and struggle.  Humans, essentially, have to train their brains to focus on positive […]

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Our Adolescent Outpatient Program is Open!

By editor10022 May 6, 2015

Our Adolescent Outpatient Program (AOP) serves adolescents ages 13-19 who are struggling with substance abuse and other emotional and behavioral issues. It provides a comprehensive and integrated treatment for adolescents and their families. Our AOP offers group therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Skills for adolescents and families, individual therapy and psychiatric services, as well as recreation […]

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College Admission Madness

By Staff April 9, 2015

As Duke wrapped up “March Madness” with their fifth win in the NCAA Championship this week, parents and high school seniors are preparing for a different kind of college madness, admission season. The excitement and promise of new-found independence also comes with stress and for some, disappointment.  In today’s highly competitive society there is so […]

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Let’s Reconnect

By Staff February 11, 2015

For many people, the month of February conjures up images of happy, loving couples celebrating their long-term love with a glittering gift, two-dozen red roses and a romantic candlelit dinner a deux.  That’s the Hallmark Card version of life. The reality for most is that Valentine’s Day is a reminder of how hard it is […]

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