Medications for Opioid Addiction

By editor10022 January 26, 2017

Our Medical Director, Dan Mierlak, MD, PhD, recently delivered a talk to clinicians on the use of medications for the treatment of opioid addiction. Here is an abridgment of that talk. Why are we talking about the medical treatment of opioid addiction? We are currently in the midst of an epidemic of opiate addiction in […]

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Inside Freedom Institute

Freedom Institute Mourns the Death of Dr. Donna Wick, former Executive Director and Board member

By editor10022 January 19, 2017

With profound sadness, Freedom Institute mourns the death of Dr. Donna Wick, PhD, our former Executive Director, and until her passing, a passionate Board member.  We are eternally grateful for her friendship, and her strategic leadership as it steered Freedom Institute on the road we travel today. She loved her family, friends and work, and lived valiantly. She will be greatly missed. Donna’s family writes that […]

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TOPICS Fall/Winter Edition is Here!

By editor10022 December 14, 2016

The Fall/Winter 2016 edition of TOPICS, our bi-annual printed newsletter, will be arriving in your mailboxes shortly.  If you can’t wait, click here to download and read it instantly. This issue addresses the “Pot Topic” from different angles. With medical marijuana now legal in 28 states and recreational marijuana legal in eight, including the nation’s most populous, California, a total of […]

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How To Reconcile With Family and Friends After the Election

By Peter Lazar December 8, 2016

This election has been a divisive experience for many in this country who care about the direction in which we are headed.  In some cases, friendships and family relations have been fractured, seemingly beyond repair.  We believe that it’s never too late to make amends with those whom you love. Read the story here.

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Just Say No on November 8th?

By editor10022 November 3, 2016

(Panic at a Downtown Denver Pot Rally) With the election rapidly approaching next week, Tuesday, November 8, voters in several states (California, Nevada, Maine, Arizona, Massachusetts, Florida, Arkansas, Montana, North Dakota) will be voting on marijuana reform or marijuana recreational use legalization. Many look to the state of Colorado as their model. But if Denver, […]

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