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Our Adolescent services address the needs of the individual and family, helping everyone involved build skills for a successful life.


A Comprehensive Approach

We have two different tracks for adolescents.  If you have been referred by your child’s school, please click here for Hallways, our prevention and early intervention program. 

Adolescent Assessments

The first step for helping an adolescent is the assessment.  During the adolescent assessment, both the family and the individual speak with the Family and Adolescent therapist.  The lead therapist then confers with a team of experts about treatment recommendations, and we work with the family to develop and initiate the appropriate treatment plan. We identify the services that will best suit the needs of the individual and the family, leveraging the combined expertise of our therapists as well as our extensive list of referrals when necessary.

Adolescent Services

Freedom Institute works with adolescents ages 13-19 who are struggling with substance abuse and other emotional and behavioral issues.  The program is designed to help adolescents and their families understand the risks of recreational use, educate them about substance abuse and addiction and assess the extent to which the adolescent is using substances. We treat substance abuse as a family problem and our adolescent and family counselors work closely to ensure the entire family system is treated.

Substance abuse often comes with a host of related issues. During the recovery process, we provide support for depression, anxiety, learning issues, body image challenges, and trauma.

Based on our assessment, a treatment plan is tailored to include a selection of the following services: