What’s All the Buzz About Vaping?

By editor10022 April 4, 2018

Kids and Vaping. It’s a hot topic right now. High schools are overwhelmed with it. Parents don’t know much about it.  This week’s The New York Times addressed the topic on its front page. Hallways, Freedom Institute’s school based prevention and social emotional-wellness program, is hosting a panel discussion in partnership with Parents in Action […]

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Families in Recovery

Money and Its Impact on Mental Health

By Alex Dayton May 23, 2017

Year after year individuals rank money as their number one stressor and yet it’s a subject that is often avoided and given minimal attention in therapy and treatment. Individuals in therapy feel comfortable talking about a range of issues. Money is more commonly not one of them. Ask a client their annual salary and you’re […]

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Today’s Pot Topic in Family Therapy

By Courtney Schiffrin March 6, 2017

by Courtney Stursberg Schiffrin, LCSW A family therapist at Freedom Institute, Courtney earned her Masters in Social Work from New York University and her Certificate in Family Therapy from the Ackerman Institute for the Family. She specializes in working with adolescents, adults, couples, and families managing mood, anxiety, substance use, and personality disorders. The subject […]

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Inside Freedom Institute

Freedom Institute Mourns the Death of Dr. Donna Wick, former Executive Director and Board member

By editor10022 January 19, 2017

With profound sadness, Freedom Institute mourns the death of Dr. Donna Wick, PhD, our former Executive Director, and until her passing, a passionate Board member.  We are eternally grateful for her friendship, and her strategic leadership as it steered Freedom Institute on the road we travel today. She loved her family, friends and work, and lived valiantly. She will be greatly missed. Donna’s family writes that […]

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