Renewed Freedom: Freedom Institute Hosts a Weekly Open AA Meeting

Beginning Tuesday, September 18th, and every Tuesday at 6:30 thereafter, Freedom Institute will host a weekly Alcoholics Anonymous Open Beginners Meeting called ‘Renewed Freedom’.  The meeting is designated as an open meeting, which anyone is welcome to attend.

Open meetings are for those identifying as alcoholic, and are also a chance for individuals who have been curios about exploring sobriety or on the fence about AA to audit a meeting and get a sense of what the program is all about. They are also a a perfect opportunity for non-alcoholics, students, professional, clinicians and others to learn more about the 12-step recovery and support group program of AA. (All details provided below.)

Beginners meeting formats have a designated speaker who will share their addiction/recovery story that focuses on what it was like in active addiction, what happened to lead them to where they are, and what it’s like in recovery.  After the speaker is finished, we will have voluntary speakers and feedback. Please feel free to email John Roesch at [email protected] with any questions.