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Freedom Institute’s TOPICS SUMMER 2018 edition will be arriving in mailboxes shortly. If you can’t wait, click the link to download a printable version.  In this issue, we explore the power of collaboration in the work we do at Freedom Institute, and in recovery in general. We understand that recovery is not one-size-fits-all and we work with your clients and their families to create the best program possible. We work with existing medical and mental health practitioners and when necessary we handle referrals to outside clinicians or residential treatment centers. Our main goal is success for the individual to help them down the path of recovery, no matter what that route may look like.

This issue has a fascinating Q&A with Dr. Dan Mierlak, Freedom Institute’s Medical Director. Moving forward, we plan to feature similar profiles and interviews in our blog and digital and printed newsletters to acknowledge the clinicians with whom we collaborate both inside as well as outside Freedom Institute and who help make the work we do possible.