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Salah Bustami, LMHC Joins Freedom Institute’s Team

At Freedom Institute, family involvement is a critical part of the healing process and it starts with the assessment process when individuals are strongly encouraged to involve a family member.  Adding to the strength of our family work is Salah Bustami, LMHC who has joined Freedom Institute to expand our team of Family Therapist trained at the Ackerman Institute. In Salah’s own words, “Freedom Institute’s program is unique in the way it enhances and improves connections between family members as a means to promote healing, empowerment and positive change.”  Salah has experience working with individuals, families and groups and has conducted groups with clients with both chronic mental illness and substance abuse and addiction disorders.  As someone who has lived and grown up in several different countries and cultural contexts, Salah is committed to providing culturally competent care to clients and families.