The Value of Desperation

Since 2012, Bob Miller has been Chairman of the Board, Freedom Institute, the non-profit recovery center founded by his mother in 1976.  Under his leadership, Freedom Institute has kept pace with the newest modalities in evidence-based treatment and the changing landscape of substance abuse prevention and recovery to become one of the leading non-profit, out-patient facilities in the country.  Bob Miller comments on the recent series of articles on the disheartening for-profit aspect of the recovery field.

The New York Times ran a special section in their Sunday edition on December 24th entitled Addiction Inc.  It is a series of four articles (The Giant Under AttackIn Pursuit of Liquid GoldCity of Addict EntrepreneursA Doctor with a Phone and a Mission) and is great investigative journalism–reporting on some of the problems and corresponding abuses that have been taking place in the field of recovery over the past decade. I urge you to read each article, no matter how informed you may be about this topic, as they give real-life examples of some of the devastating consequences of the opioid crisis and the well-intentioned response of various institutions, including our government.

The combination of the opioid epidemic and the government mandating medical coverage for addiction and alcoholism has resulted in businesses and individuals jumping into a largely unregulated field. These businesses and individuals are either unqualified to be providing care or are strictly looking to make as much money as possible off desperate individuals and families with little to no regard to the quality of care.  This means that one has to be VERY, VERY careful when looking for help confronting abuse or addiction.  In our recent bi-annual TOPICS newsletter, we published an article on tips for choosing a reputable recovery facility (click here to read).

When you or someone you know is confronting a case of alcohol or drug abuse/addiction and looking for direction, contacting Freedom Institute as your first step is ALWAYS a good decision.  We’ve been here for over 40 years (founded by my mother in 1976) and we’re a not-for-profit organization.  My family has contributed millions of dollars over the years and not taken anything out of Freedom Institute.  We put our clients and their recovery first. We have no deals with inpatient centers. We assess each case on an individual basis and create a treatment plan for each individual or family that we know will benefit them and only them.  Freedom Institute’s sole purpose is to provide help and guidance and the highest quality recovery treatment possible to individuals and families wrestling with this terrible disease.