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Freedom Institute’s renowned Intensive Outpatient Program integrates Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and a Relational Family Therapy in its clinical services. We treat addiction as a family issue and offer support to all family members and significant others throughout the recovery process.  Our primary family therapists have completed post-graduate studies at the Ackerman Institute for the Family.

A Comprehensive Approach

The family lies at the heart of Freedom Institute.

Families can be a powerful agent of change for individuals battling substance abuse and addiction. Staffed by a team of Ackerman-trained relational family therapists, we help families understand the systemic problems of addiction and work together towards recovery.

We offer family therapy, multi-family counseling and groups, and a range of services for others with a loved one struggling with issues across the addiction spectrum.

Our specialists work with you to identify family patterns that both evolve from and perpetuate substance abuse so those important relationships can be repaired.

Based on our assessment, a treatment plan is tailored to include a selection of these services:


Our family therapists have substantial experience in working with families confronting major life stressors in their relationships such as substance abuse, parenting issues, ADHD, mental health, trauma, divorce, loss, and more.

We help families identify and define current struggles as well as repair past hurt and hardship. We work with family members of all ages, beginning with young children and through all life stages.


Our family therapists work with couples struggling with substance use, abuse, addiction and recovery in their relationship. We also help couples expand their view of problems to address other parts of their relationship without neglecting the pressing needs of addiction and recovery.


Freedom Institute offers bi-monthly support group for spouses, partners (current or former), siblings and other significant others who have a family member struggling with substance abuse (active, in recovery, in treatment, etc).  This space provides a safe place to discuss how addiction has affected your relationships as well as how it has impacted other relationships in your life.  The group offers community and connection by sharing and learning with others who have experienced similar situations. The discussions offer an opportunity for growth, learning from life events that could easily feel like life struggles and losses, but often are building blocks for improved and fulfilling relationships.

The group meets every other Wednesday from 6-7pm.  For more information please contact Genoveva Garcia at [email protected] or at 212-838-0044 ext. 0060.


Our short-term, multi-family groups are organized around presenting common problems or defining traits (e.g. adoption, divorce, loss/bereavement) for families that reach out to Freedom Institute for support and guidance. They are facilitated by a family therapist, combining didactic and supportive discussion elements to help families learn and grow from each other’s experiences while gaining support from the fellowship of shared struggles.


Our parent groups are discussion, psychoeducation and support groups for adults with adult or adolescent children who have substance abuse issues (active, in recovery, in treatment, etc.). These coed groups are ongoing. Parents may attend individually or together.


Led by a family therapist and AD/HD researcher, the Support Group for Parents of Children with AD/HD is an ongoing group with a rotating short-term curriculum. Based on the science of AD/HD and the lived experience of AD/HD, this group will provide parents with practical information and meaningful support. Members can join at any time in the rotation.


Having a child (be they an adolescent, young adult or an adult) with substance abuse issues creates ongoing stress that impacts family relationship.  Even after a loved one gets sober, feelings and experiences from the past may be difficult to process and move beyond, not to mention worrying about relapse and rebuilding trust.  In this group, parents will support one another, explore effective problem solving strategies that strengthen relationships and foster self-compassion regarding the challenges of parenting in the context of addiction.  This group meets every other week on Wednesdays (starting on November 15th. 2017) from 6:00pm – 7:00pm.  The fee for the group is $50.00.

For more information, please contact Genoveva Garcia, LCSW, Family Therapist at 212-838-0044, extension 0060.


FITT is Freedom Institute’s outpatient treatment coordination plan designed to augment treatment by coordinating with outside service providers. We create a level of treatment similar to an inpatient facility to support clients in need of extra care in the critical stages of their recovery process.

Our FITT clinical coordinators create a cohesive plan to supervise a client’s care by working with existing care providers, such as psychiatrists, therapists, and doctors, or assembling outside care as needed.