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Freedom Institute offers Interventions as well as a range of Treatment Planning options, including consultations, assessments, referrals, and more.


An intervention is a big step to take to help a loved one struggling with substance abuse and often a final attempt to restore their health.  At Freedom Institute, we create a supportive, caring environment to achieve the best possible outcome.  We treat the family holistically and are sensitive to the feelings and needs of each participant.

From initial assessment to coordinating the chosen treatment facility, we work closely with the family to handle all aspects of getting the individual the help he or she needs.

Freedom Institute is dedicated to the most collaborative level of intervention possible.

While we primarily serve the greater New York area, we can travel to lead interventions elsewhere and also maintain an extensive nationwide referral network.

For more information or a confidential consultation, contact Freedom Institute at 212-838-0044 or [email protected]


Freedom Institute treatment consultation services are in place to help families find the right treatment program/plan for their loved ones.  We know it is difficult to choose the right program and that many people end up at many different programs before finding the right fit.  We are here to help you access the resources that best fit your family needs and to help you on the most efficient path to the right kind and level of care.